Favorite Discoveries of 2010

With 2010 in the books, here’s a list of the favorite things I discovered in 2010.

  • The joys of homeownership. I bought a condo in a neighborhood I love, 3 bedroom 2.5 bath two story with a woodburning fireplace and lots of closet space. I paid a 20% downpayment with a cashier’s check and handing over the contents of my savings account was an act of courage. I sanded down the textured stucco on a hallway wall. I took out the bifold door that closes off the washer & dryer and hung a sound dampening curtain. I hung closet organizers in the master bedroom.There was one day when I made 4 trips to Home Depot.
  • the music of Sara Bareillis. Both her albums are solid, filled with soft & sweet and girl-power-piano-rock ballads. She has good musical talent, tremendous vocal range, quite a good songwriter, and willing to take chances with her songs. She has filled the void that Norah Jones previously occupied.
  • Gardening. I had a small raised bed garden in the back yard for the first time and it was wonderfully therapeutic. I got more jalapenos out of the garden than I know what to do with, along with more rosemary, basil, and tarragon than a man can use. So I learned how to pickle jalapenos and dry spices. That was fun too.
  • Instagram. I’ve spent $15 on several iPhone apps trying to do what Instagram does. Has some great photo effects to salvage my bad pictures, but the reason I love it is because it lets me preview multiple effects to pick the best one for that photo. Take that, Hipstamatic. It also sends it to Flickr or Facebook or Twitter, so that’s one less step for me.
  • Maker’s 46. I bought an extra bottle.
  • Bleu Cheese. I never liked it, but it’s starting to win me over.
  • Reddit. This is like the meat packaging plant for the Internet’s LOLburgers. What’s on Reddit.com one day is a meme the next. More stuff from Reddit this last year has made me laugh than hardly everything else on the Interwebs.
  • Angry Birds. This has been a year or handheld gaming. I never owned a Gameboy or PSP, never saw the point of it, until I could start playing games on my iPhone. I dearly love simple games, especially ones with high scores, especially ones that require perfection. Many other iPhone games have found playing time on my iPhone this year, which combined total more time gaming than I did on my beloved Xbox 360.
  • Lauren Young. Our first date was January 2nd, 2010. In 2011, I’m gonna marry that girl.

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