Star Wars on Blu-ray Announced, but No Thanks.

No thanks. The original films have been touched up and re-edited and spruced up and changed and degraded enough in the special editions that followed that I don’t care to watch them. The prequel trilogy is bad writing, bad acting, & bad storytelling. I don’t think I’ll ever watch Episodes I, II, or III again. Amazon ships sometime in September. Links: Original Trilogy Blu-ray: $45 and Original and Prequel Trilogies: $90. No thanks. I don’t want them.

If you want the original films, get these DVDs: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi. Each has a second disc that contains the untouched original theatrical version in 2.0 stereo audio. For the sake of future generations, you will want to have the original historical documents of the Star Wars.

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