99% Invisible

One of my favorite podcasts is raising money on Kickstarter to produce Season 3. They’ve reached and far exceed the initial goal, but they have a benefactor that will grant them an extra $10,000 if they get 5,000 backers.

This ambitious goal inspired Debbie Millman at her brand new Design Matters Institute to offer a challenge grant of $10,000 to motivate 5000 people to show support for 99% Invisible at any level they can afford.

I was backer 3,249. I gave one dollar. You should too.

So if you have an extra 30 minutes today (you totally do, you know you do), check out the podcast. Here are a selection of my absolutely favorite episodes:

  • 04: Details. It’s about how the design and creation of the modern toothbrush.
  • 18: Check Cashing Stores: a breakdown of how a Check Cashing store is more user friendly than a bank. Fascinating stuff.
  • 33: A Cheer for Samuel Plimsoll. The history of how a little bit of paint on a graphic design on a ship’s hull saved hundreds of lives and changed an industry.
  • 38: The Sound of Sport. A job I never knew existed.
  • 50: Deafspace. How a building was designed to accommodate the hard of hearing and how it’s actually better for everyone.
  • 55: The Best Beer In The World. Why the monks who make arguably the best beer you’ve ever tasted go to great extents to make it difficult to buy.

Each one is only about 10-15 minutes each. Listen to two or three of them, realize the brilliance of it and how much you kinda want to go back and listen to all of them (which I recommend, they’re “evergreen”), then go to the Kickstarter page and give a dollar so that Roman Mars gets $10,000 and keeps making cool stuff that we all enjoy.

And if anybody wants to buy me that $55 Samuel Plimsoll shirt on his Kickstarter, I would appreciate that.

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