Six Weeks

Six weeks ago, my wife Lauren gave birth to our first child, who is awesome, and life has been a blur pretty much everyday since. The best kind of blur I think possible. Olivia is an expressive, happy, and super cute baby. She’s a good sleeper, a good eater, and doesn’t cry unless she wants food or a fresh diaper. She just doesn’t like to cry. Amazing.

When she was less than 9 days old, she had her first restaurant experience and slept the whole time. Last night, Lauren and I went to The Melting Pot with her parents to celebrate Lauren’s [redacted] birthday and Olivia of course came with us. From the moment we got in the car to the moment we got home, she was asleep in her car seat. Amazing, and I’m sure it won’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever, which is why we are taking lots of pictures.

Most people say she looks like a carbon copy of Lauren, which I tend to agree with. She has Lauren’s chin, nose, and mouth. But she has my feet, my snoring, and when she gets hiccups she also kinda burps them out, which is totally something she got from me (which I got from my dad).