OneNote and Error Code: 0xE4020005

I use Microsoft OneNote every day. Our team has a common notebook in our SharePoint site that we all connect to, each user’s changes are tracked with their initials, new changes appear as Unread, and I’ve found it’s the easiest way to share notes, screenshots, checklists, and everything else that usually ends up in email and sucks when you have to do it through email.

And today I found out that OneNote wasn’t syncing. Nothing since October 10. “An error occurred while attempting to sync this section or notebook. (Error code: 0xE4020005)”.

Luckily someone had already fixed this. I had to delete the local cache (which was somehow corrupted) and pull down the entire 320 GB OneNote notebooks from the SharePoint server. Thankfully OneNote only fetches data as you request it. Sad news is I lost any changes I made since October 10. And I have no idea what all that includes. Thankfully I keep most of my deployment checklists in a local notebook, not the team notebook, so I didn’t lose what I’ve been working on the past two weeks.