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Virtual Training

All this week I am attending a Red Hat System Administration I training class. There are no Red Hat training centers in Nashville, so I’m attending a virtual classroom, which pretty much means I dial into a conference call and login from home.

The upside to virtual training is I’m dressing casually and drinking my own coffee. The downside is lack of interaction with other students. It feels like a Directed Study, not a classroom.

The other upside to virtual training is I have my work laptop open along side my desktop PC. So while I’m doing lab exercises on my desktop, I have a several chat windows open with work colleagues with more linux experience than me, so I’m asking them questions in real-time. Questions like: “The instructor is pronouncing it ‘su-doo’, is that right? I thought it was ‘su-doh'”.

Turns out, it’s “su-doo”. That’s something I would never have thought to look up.